The Front LIne.

The First Wavefront is a boutique Composition & Songwriting House and Music Production Company.


When two sounds reach a listener within a short time period, our brain automatically adds them together to determine where the sound came from. This is called the law of the first wavefront.


When we hear music we like, our heads automatically turn to listen. The law of the first wavefront takes on a much more beautiful role in our lives today as we filter what we want to hear out of what we don't.


Beauty is when purpose meets form. We believe music needs a perfect balance of sonic excellence and intellectual design. It's not enough to have auditory ear candy. The architecture, the compositional design needs to be there too.

Authenticity is a huge thing for us. We want to focus on that first, deep, visceral and cerebral reaction you get when you hear great music.


Under this manifesto, we writeproduce, and release music.